White hair, Green monster

Yesterday, my allergies were so bad that I spent half the day working from home, using the neti pot on my nose and counting down the minutes until I leave for Florida, where ragweed is no longer in season. While I was home, I mixed up a hair mask to put on my newly (professionally) platinum’ed locks.

I mixed equal parts of Manic Panic ‘Virgin Snow’ toner, and the ceramide treatment recommended to me by a hairdresser. I put it on my hair, wrapped myself up in plastic wrap, and waited half an hour. When I rinsed it out, my hair was noticeably softer and shinier. It hasn’t had time to get brassy (I only had it cut and dyed on Saturday), but the colour still seemed to have a bit more… oomph!

I bought some Pantene Silver Expressions on the way home, while I was picking up Kleenex for my disgusting, allergy-mucus filled nose, to keep my hair shiny and brass-free.

This morning, it’s back to work at the office, so I started the day with a healthy Green Monster Shake I saw on Pinterest. Holy crap, this thing was delicious. I mixed it up and drank it down within minutes… I still can’t believe it had so much good-for-you spinach in it! It tastes like a nutty banana shake! I made mine with roasted soy nut butter, rather than peanut butter (my boyfriend is allergic to nuts), and it was absolutely divine. Spock thinks so too:

Today, I’m on a rest day for couch to 5K, so I’m thinking I’ll hit the gym to work my arms, or maybe do some yoga when I get home from work tonight. I’m really enjoying getting active these days!


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