Florida trip!

We just got back from a week and a half in Florida, including five days at Disney. It was an amazing time! We ate like kings, walked for miles, and toasted the sunset on the inland waterway. It was absolutely beautiful, and it really pumped me up for getting healthy in time for Hawaii next year.

But… I gained NINE POUNDS last month. I’m back to nearly my highest weight ever, tipping the scales at 194.2 lbs. I eventually want to get down to 132 lbs (or thereabouts… I’ll see how my body looks and feels as I go along), so I have 62 pounds to go.

Today, I’m hitting the grocery store to pick up supplies to start the Blogilates 90-Day Challenge. I planned out my meals in my notebook on my iPad and figured out what I need to buy to make them. I updated my weight on MyFitnessPal, and set up my goals to accurately track my caloric intake and exercise. I also have a one-month supply of Alli, so I’ll be using that to help kick start my journey into healthy eating. Since I was eating such rich foods on vacation and I’m planning to use Alli during my first month of healthy eating, I’m going to start cleaning up my diet over the next few days, and ‘officially’ start the challenge on Monday.

I’ve got a few more things to do, before then:

  • Set up calendar reminders for the types of exercises to do each day
  • Prep whatever meals I can in advance, to save time
  • Find a huge container to put water in, to drink at my desk at work

Wish me luck!


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