Five pounds down, and six days without Coke Zero!

I love to drink pop (that’s what we call soda up here in Canada!), but I know it’s terrible for me. Not just the sugar-laden regular pop, but the chemical soup of diet pop, too. That’s why I decided that I’m cutting it out of my diet. Last Wednesday, I drank my last can of Cherry Coke, and I’ve vowed not to look back. It’s been six days now, and I’m going strong! I’ve starting drinking at least 10 glasses of water a day, along with some amazing loose teas from DavidsTea and my morning coffee at work. I feel great!

I’m really proud of my NSV (non-scale victory), but I’m also proud of my weight loss so far… I’m down five pounds since I started last week! It sounds like a lot to lose in a short time, but I know that in the beginning I lose the water weight I’m retaining from eating so much greasy, salty food. The weight loss will slow down soon, and I’m both okay with that and totally prepared for it.

I treated myself to a small bag of barbeque chips with my dinner, though! I figured I deserved it, after walking home 5 km from work, and doing well with my goals! I’m still within my calorie goal for the day, so I’m allowing myself this treat without feeling guilty. I think that’s fair… don’t you?



  1. myshadycorner

    From one Canadian to another, congrats on the progress!

    • Thanks, eh! 😉

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