Does it count?

I gave up pop 10 days ago, and have been doing really well with steering clear of it all together. Yesterday, however, I had a cocktail that contained some ginger ale.

I say that I’m still on a no-pop streak, because it’s not really any different than drinking a beer or cider; it’s fizzy, but I didn’t sit down to drink a big glass of pop at the expense of drinking water (which is what I used to do, and the heart of the habit I’m trying to break). I still drink at least 3L of water per day, so good habits are replacing the old ones. My boyfriend, on the other hand, thinks that having pop in any form breaks my streak.

I’m not sure who’s right!



  1. Sue

    As you know I gave up my diet pop addiction a year and a half ago. Now I just drink tea and water. Do I feel better? Yes … but it hasn’t helped my weight at all. Perhaps I would be heavier now than I am .. who knows?

    I struggled with bar drinks. I found drinks without some sort of pop in it are too sugary for my taste so I allow myself to have the rare drink with pop in it when I am out. Just no diet coke because I’m afraid if I do that I will totally fall off the wagon.

    Tell your significant other that he is wrong on this one … but remember … it is the OCCASIONAL drink in a bar … not a weekly one either!

  2. eldatari

    I totally agree. For me, it’s Coke Zero. I really think that someday people will look back on pop like cigarettes, thinking, “Why did we ever start such an unhealthy habit?” On the other hand, I’m not interested in living an ascetic life without pleasure… so I think keeping pop on the same level as indulging in bar drinks is a good compromise!

  3. I have given up a really bad addiction to fizzy drink, I have one every now and then but never coke or other fizzy like that but Schweppes duet, and then I remind myself why I don’t drink them, I personally don’t see giner ale as a fizzy drink. I personally don’t drink it, but to have a big of ginger ale in a cocktail I would not class that as cheating, now if there was lemonade etc then definitely,

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